We Activate Tilburg

Applications WAT 2022

We Activate Tilburg normally consists of 3 board members, several committee members and a number of coordinators. You can also apply to be a board member or committee member yourself, from May 9th on!

In the following piece, we will explain the functions of the board and committee members. The coordinators are currently board members of other bodies within the active student life. These are coordinators of SOTS (the 4 student associations Plato, Olof, Vidar and I*ESN), TiGeAk (umbrella body of study associations at the university), FOSST (student sports associations), and FRONT, the largest party in the university council of Tilburg University. These coordinators are affiliated with one of the above-mentioned bodies, so you can only be part of the WAT as a board member of one of these bodies, next to our functions described below.


The chairman is responsible for running the committee. The chair leads meetings and directs the committee members, coordinators and the board. In addition, you create the agenda and maintain an overview of the committee. This year the chair was responsible for the content committee. In addition, the chair maintains the planning. The chair is responsible for running WAT, together with the other board members.


As secretary, you make the minutes at the meetings and, through the WAT email, you are the person who emails all (new) associations and often gives the rest of the committee updates on what is going on at other associations, next to the chairperson. So along with the chairman, you are the contact person for external associations and individuals.


The treasurer pays the bills of the committee, maintains the WAT account and so the costs of the foundation. In addition, the treasurer prepares invoices and you make a budget at the beginning of the year, which you update in the meantime. You also formally arrange the board grants (subsidy) for WAT.

These functions take an average of 6 hours per week!

General Committee

As a general committee member, you will be present at the WAT’s physical/online open days. In addition, you help think along during the meetings and you keep an eye on the planning on Instagram/Facebook. You monitor and regularly update this, in coordination with the rest of the committee. In addition, the committee can be responsible or help with the website, if needed.

Content Committee

As a content committee member, a newly created position this year, you will be involved in creating fun, creative content for the WAT’s social media platforms or website. An example are the 3 interviews we did this year! Haven’t seen them? You can see the interviews here!

You can think of editing videos, but also recording interviews. This depends very much on your own preferences. Furthermore, having experience with Photoshop, InDesign or skills in video editing are a plus, but certainly not required!

Being a committee member takes an average of 2-3 hours per week.